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Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, KY 6/18/13
In June of 2013, AdventureMyths once again teamed up with North Eastern Paranormal Investigations (NEPI) for an overnight, private investigation; this time at Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  The team was excited to have access to the location filled with so many stories of paranormal experiences.  With most of these paranormal legends surrounding locations such as Room 502, the morgue and the "Death Tunnel" inside the building; the team could not wait to begin investigating.   
The evening started with a tour of the building and the AdventureMyths team sending their aerial drone up so Frank could capture some amazing photos of the building unlike any captured before.  As it began to get dark out, the paranormal investigators began to take gear in to the base camp/gift shop area.  While doing this, the team noticed approximately 8 raccoons within 50 feet of the building feeding on some cat food.  While the team found it interesting, they paid little attention to it....until later on that night.  Overnight in the building was exciting simply based on the size of the location and the creepy setting the building provided.  Unfortunately, there was little experienced that could be considered paranormal.  While in the "Death Tunnel" Frank, Jonathan and Nick McWethy (Crossover Paranormal) heard a disembodied moan from approximately 15 feet away from them.  Other than this, little was experienced that could not be explained with the exception of some meters indicating a rise in static charge.  It was discovered during the night that the raccoons observed earlier in the evening use the interior of the walls to travel through the building.  Naturally, these animals made quite a bit of noise as they climbed the pipes inside the walls and used holes in the walls to enter and exit on each floor.  The investigators could not help but wonder if this was the source of many of the strange sounds others had claimed as paranormal.
While little was experienced by the paranormal filmmakers that night that could not be explained, it was still a very enjoyable night.  If you ever have the chance to join a group of friends and experience this amazing location, we highly recommend you go.   

Bobby Mackey's Music World
Wilder, KY 6/17/13
In June of 2013, AdventureMyths had the honor of joining North Eastern Paranormal Investigations (NEPI) for an overnight, private investigation of Bobby Mackey's.  The group of nine had full access to the building and made sure to investigate as much of it as possible.  Legend claims that the building houses a "gateway to hell" along with spirits attached to the building.  Some of the spirits include that of Pearl Bryan whose body was found several miles from the building after being murdered by Satanists.  Another spirit is said to be that of Johanna, who was a dancer at Bobby Mackey's when it was known as the Latin Quarter.  Legend claims Johanna killed herself, while pregnant, in the building by drinking poison after learning her father had her lover hanged in the dressing room of the building.  While there is little to no historic documentation to support these claims, it is well documented that a caretaker by the name of Carl lived at Bobby Mackey's and had recently passed away.  There are claims that while Carl lived in the building, he became possessed and was later exorcized in the building.
With such colorful legends surrounding the location, the AdventureMyths team was excited to investigate the building.  The night proved to be relatively quiet for the group with the exception of a few instances.  At one point, as the group was conducting EVP near the well known as the "gateway to hell", a door violently opened and closed behind one of the investigators.  Unfortunately, no lights were on at the time to allow investigators to have a visual account of what happened or possible causes for the door moving.  Later in the night while AdventureMyths Founder, Frank, was on the dance floor he had a sensation of a static charge as if a spirit was near him.  Also on the dance floor was a Para-Scope (designed and sold by Paranologies)  that illuminated, indicating there was a static charge that suddenly entered the area of the dance floor then was the only instance of that occurring that night.  Video footage of this occurring will be included in a future production by AdventureMyths.  While the night proved to be quiet in regards to paranormal activity; all the investigators had a good time working with each other.      

Rose Hall Great House
Montego Bay, Jamaica 2-16-13

In February, 2013 a trip was made to the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay, Jamaica to investigate the legend of Annie "The White Witch" Palmer.  Legend states that Annie was raised by a voodoo priestess from an early age.  She grew up and married John Palmer who owned the Rose Hall Great House.  According to legend, Annie murdered her husband John as well as three subsequent husbands in the Rose Hall Great House.  Annie was also known to have love affairs with her male slaves then take delight in watching them be whipped as she stood on a second story balcony.  Because of all this, along with her voodoo knowledge, she was called "The White Witch" by her slaves.  Annie was murdered by a slave that she had an affair with and her body was placed in a tomb on the estate grounds.  Many claim that the spirit of Annie Palmer still roams the Rose Hall Great House.  

Rose Hall Great House has been featured on several popular paranormal television shows, all of which share the legend of Annie Palmer as fact.  But is the legend in fact true?  Watch the video about the Rose Hall Great House, that was filmed and edited by Jonathan Ness, to see for yourself if the legend is true.   

 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Weston, WV 5/17-18/12 & 7/7/12

In May of 2012, the AdventureMyths team made the trip out to Weston, West Virginia to explore and investigate the  Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (TALA).  Teaming up with Three Paranormal of West Virginia, the Maryland paranormal filmmakers were excited to walk into the building that dates back to the 1850's.  The nationally recognized historic landmark is the largest hand cut stone building in the Western Hemisphere.  The never ending decayed hallways and empty patient rooms, including the isolation cells with metal rings used to chain the most violent, create a very eerie atmosphere.

The paranormal filmmakers knew that this eerie atmosphere would serve as the perfect location to film a promo video for their good friend, Jeff "Wickedbeard" Cochran, who creates amazing horror costumes for Wickedbeard Creations.  AdventureMyths Founder, Frank Polievka, filmed and edited the promo video for Jeff that can be seen here.

While any spirits that may linger at TALA seemed to not want to interact with the team that night, it would not be the end of AdventureMyths interactions with TALA.  Upon seeing the promo video for Jeff "Wickedbeard" Cochran, the owners of TALA contracted AdventureMyths to film a television commercial for their 2012 haunted house event titled "Delirium".


In July 2012, AdventureMyths' Frank Polievka and Jonathan Ness returned to TALA to film the commercial for "Delirium".  Spending 12 hours in one building with the temps reaching into the 90's; the two were able to film some fantastic scenes for the commercial.  The "Delirium" haunted house commercial is scheduled to air on TV throughout West Virginia and the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania market 2000 times over late September and October 2012.  The paranormal filmmakers are currently in talks with the owners of TALA to film more commercials for their various attractions at the location.    


 The Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, CO April 25-30, 2012

In April of 2012 the AdventureMyths team took on their biggest project to date.  The group of Maryland Paranormal Investigators made the trip out to Estes Park, Colorado to investigate the claims of paranormal activity at the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write "The Shinning".   The Stanley Hotel is world renowned for its claims of paranormal activity and the Maryland ghost hunters were not only there to try and experience some of that for themselves, but also to document the paranormal history on film to create an official documentary for the historic location. 

Welcomed by hotel staff, the AdventureMyths team were granted full access of the hotel for the five days they were there.  All locations of the Stanley were investigated and filmed by the Maryland paranormal investigators to include rooms 217, 401, 428, the tunnel, the Manor House and the Concert Hall.  The hotel staff were kind enough to allow access to the bell tower of the hotel, a place that is off limits to even most employees!

On camera interviews were conducted with staff members, guests and fellow paranormal investigators who all had paranormal experiences to share for the documentary.  The Maryland ghost hunters were not disappointed by the Stanley as some unexplained events were captured on film by the group.  This documentary, titled Shinning Secrets of the Stanley Hotel, is the seventh documentary created by AdventureMyths and had its premiere screening at the ScareFest convention in Lexington, Kentucky in September of 2012.  Shinning Secrets of the Stanley Hotel is available at the Stanley Hotel as well as thru AmazonSee the trailer here.

The AdventureMyths team went to extremes to film certain shots in order to tell the story of the Stanley Hotel unlike any other documentary.  The Maryland Paranormal Filmmakers filmed over 50 hours of footage in four days; continuously filming the inside and outside of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

C&O Canal Lock House 25
Poolesville, MD 3/3/12

In March 2012 the AdventureMyths team investigated the legend of Lock House 25 along the C&O Canal in Poolesville, Maryland. This historic lock keepers house has been restored to original conditions, dating back over a century, and is available for rent thru the National Park Service.  The lock house and the land around it has a legend of being haunted by the spirits of Civil War soldiers and area residents that lost their lives over the years along the canal.  The team of Maryland paranormal investigators was joined by Shenandoah Shadows paranormal investigators and local radio personality Tommy Griffiths of BIG 100.3.   

To start off the paranormal investigation; the Maryland ghost hunters set up a stationary camera in the lock house along with a sonic motion sensor then exited the house, locking it behind them.  As the house sat empty, the group of paranormal investigators investigated the nearby ruins of a Civil War hospital.  Utilizing the SPB-7 (Spirit Box), the Maryland paranormal investigators captured some interesting responses on film while standing in the ruins.  The team was excited to return to the lock house and begin their investigation there, as the house had not been investigated by a paranormal investigation group prior to that night.  Unknown to the investigators; some interesting events had already been captured on film as the house sat empty.  Once inside, the Maryland ghost hunters again filmed some interesting responses on the SPB-7 that this time gave a name directly relating to the Civil War history surrounding Lock House 25.  AdventureMyths Founder, Frank Poliveka, edited the investigation video of the lock house which can be seen here.

Poasttown Elementary School
Middletown, OH, 2/4/12

In February 2012, the AdventureMyths team flew out to Middletown, Ohio to film and investigate the Poasttown Elementary School.  The Maryland paranormal investigators traveled to the abandoned school to film a promotional video for the owner, Darrell Whisman, as well as help lead a public investigation for a night.  AdventureMyths teamed up with Crossover Paranormal and Hindsight Paranormal to host a public paranormal investigation with approximately 50 people in attendance; helping to raise funds to preserve the historic school building. 

The Maryland ghost hunters were not disappointed with the activity captured on film during the paranormal investigation.  The unexplained events captured on film included some of the most impressive flashlight responses to questions that the group has ever seen as well as an audible voice that sounded like a child.  A promotional video for Poasstown Elementary School that was edited by AdventureMyths Founder, Frank Polievka Click Here.  An investigation video chronicling the night was edited by AdventureMyths Vice President, Jonathan Ness Click Here.


Millbrook Farm Gristmill 

Nanjemoy, MD, June & November 2010

In May of 2010, the Founder of AdventureMyths was reading an article in the Maryland Independent about a historic property with a possible ghost story.  The Millbrook Farm Grist Mill, located in Nanjemoy Maryland, was constructed sometime around the end of the Civil War and used by the local community to grind corn and wheat.  The Grist Mill property was purchased by Al & Joan Silbaugh in the early 1960’s and they moved into the 200 year old farm house on Halloween night.

The Grist Mill was placed on the 2010 endangered property list with the help of Cathy Thompson from the Charles County Planning and Growth Management Office.  Ms. Thompson is the Community Planning Program Manager and was instrumental by nominating the Grist Mill to be placed on the list.

The AdventureMyths team established contact with the Silbaugh family in June of 2010 and set up the initial meeting to discuss what exactly the project would consist of.  The group of Maryland Ghosthunters headed down to Nanjemoy, MD and met with Marilyn Silbaugh, daughter –in-law of Joan Silbaugh and sat down to discuss the project.  The initial filming consisted of the individual interviews with Joan SIlbaugh, Owner of the property and John Grey and John Downs, Board Members of the Southern Maryland Resource Conservation and Development, Inc.   A tour of Mill was given with history and internal knowledge as well as personal accounts of the uses of the Mill.

The AdventureMyths team had to make several visits to the Mill and farm house due to the excessive heat during the summer of 2010.  The investigation took place in November of 2010 and the group of Maryland Ghost Hunters set up their equipment and static cameras attempting to capture  a glimpse of the Civil War solider ghost who frequents the home searching for his bride.  Joan Silbaugh shared that story and others to include a bag of lost gold hidden somewhere in the old home, perhaps even in the walls she said.    The team did not uncover any unexplainable activity during this investigation, but did have a motion sensor light come on unprovoked as well as captured what could be the sound of a footstep from the 2nd level of the old farmhouse.

The group of Maryland Paranormal Investigators were fortunate enough to have the Maryland Independent cover an article, informing the public about the project and the free documentary screening that occurred on June 5th, 2011 at the Durham Church hall adjacent to the parish.  The screening went very well with up to 80 participants, all who clapped upon the completion of the credits and outtakes.

The DVD will be released late in the month of June 2011 and available on .  The trailer can be viewed on the groups Face Book page or the YouTube channel.   Plans have been made for submission to Maryland Public Television as well as continued local screenings in the Southern Maryland area.   For more information on the Grist Mill project  go to

Historic Jordan Springs

VA, Oct. 2010 & 1/15/11

In October 2010, the AdventureMyths team made the short trip to Winchester, VA to visit Historic Jordan Springs.  Historic Jordan Springs Estate is currently used as a conference center, reception hall and office space for local county offices. This beautiful site dates back to 1549 when the Catawba Indians held ceremonial gatherings in the Sulphur Springs, but after many ownership changes, the first building was built in 1843.  The owner at that time, Branch Jordan, built a hotel known then as the White Sulphur Resort, which included several cottages and a bathhouse.  A few years later, a second hotel was built on the property, running along what is now Jordan Springs Road

During the Civil War, Historic Jordan Springs  was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers for both sides, depending which side was holding Winchester at the time. After the war, the property again became a resort, but eventually ceased functioning in the early 1900’s.  Many years later (and many owners later) the Estate was used for many purposes, including a school, a Monastery and Seminary and a youth addiction treatment center.

The current owners, Greig D. W. Aitken and Tonie M. Wallace Aitken, have owned this beautiful estate since 2001 where it currently hosts office space for county records, as well as a beautiful ballroom suitable for weddings, receptions and conferences.  Historic Jordan Springs will also be the hosting site for “The Gathering” a planned paranormal conference scheduled for February of 2012.

The group of Maryland Paranormal Investigators visit to the estate was certainly an interesting one. AdventureMyths joined forces with Shenandoah Shadows, a local paranormal investigation group, to explore and investigate these beautiful grounds. With all of its history, there would surely be plenty of paranormal activity for the capture! After a long night of investigation, the AdventureMyths team witnessed several interesting events, which were caught on video. The team broadcasted the events live from the grounds of Historic Jordan Springs and the recorded footage from the live event can be viewed on Livestream.   Pay special attention to chapter 9 [12:13] of the live recorded EVP session, during which both AdventureMyths Founder Frank Polievka and owner Tonie Aitken witnessed a glowing white sphere float across the far edge of the room. You can witness their reaction on video and watch as they attempt to debunk what they saw.

The team returned to Historic Jordan Springs on January 15th, 2011 to conduct another investigation, as well as another livestream event.  The event can be viewed at the group’s livestream page. The 30 minute documentary capturing both AdventureMyths investigations and multiply audio evidence pieces from Shenandoah Shadows will be released at The Scarefest event held in Lexington, Kentucky in September of 2011.  The documentary will also be available through the groups Amazon DVD page and at Historic Jordan Springs gift shop. The trailer for the documentary can be viewed here on our YouTube channel.

Iron Island Museum
Buffalo, NY 5/21/10

On May 21, 2010, the AdventureMyth’s team set off on a journey to the Iron Island Museum in Buffalo, NY, to investigate suspected paranormal activity inside the museum.  Once there, the team setup for interviews with people that have witnessed the activity going on inside of the museum, which would later be used in our film documentary of the investigation.  We were initially told by BPI (Buffalo Paranormal Investigators) that this museum was “The Disneyland of the paranormal!”  The AdventureMyth’s team was somewhat skeptical, as we usually are, but our tour through this beautiful and charming museum has changed our minds! This investigation of Iron Island Museum has yielded some of the best ever EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) captured by the AdventureMyth’s Team to date.

The documentary film of our visit to Iron Island Museum, "Hauntingly Charming Iron Island Museum" is now available at Check out the film trailer here  .... See, and hear, for yourself!

If you ever find yourself in Buffalo, NY, be sure to stop by the museum and sign up to take part in a real Paranormal Investigation with Buffalo Paranormal Investigators.  You won’t regret it!

USS North Carolina
Wilmington, NC 9/4/09

AdventureMyths traveled south to North Carolina to investigate the USS North Carolina after receiving an invitation from Missi Brandewie of Haunted North Carolina. The team was excited to take part in their first joint paranormal investigation on this historic battleship. 10 men died on board the ship during its service.

The members of AdventureMyths were able to explore the entire ship throughout the night and were advised of previous investigation results by Missi, who had been part of seven previous investigations. For the first time in AdventureMyths history, the group captured a "ghost voice" (disembodied voice) on film. As the group was in the Warrant Officer's area, Frank heard a voice whisper the name "Mary" directly behind his right ear.

There was no one behind Frank and no one on the ship that night was named Mary.

The voice is clearly audible on film since Frank was recording at the time and is featured in the AdventureMyths video of the investigation. AdventureMyths is excited to present this spectacular evidence for all to see. AdventureMyths sincerely thanks Missi and Haunted North Carolina for the invitation to join them on the investigation.

Corbin Cabin  
Shenandoah National Park, VA

Corbin Cabin was a unique investigation in that we had to wait over four months to reserve the cabin for a weekend. It’s organized through the Potomac Appalachian Trail club and on a first come first serve basis. The group had to hike a mile and half over a 1000 foot elevation change while carrying all the gear and filming. The Legend is that George Corbin, who built the cabin in the early 1900's, was married to a young woman named Nee Corbin. Nee was giving birth to their child in the cabin and died during labor. George wrapped the baby in blankets and took the baby to town for help, only after he buried his wife less than a few hundred yards from the cabin. Adventuremyths decided that this had all the elements of a true haunting environment and set out to investigate.

While on location, out of the blue, unplanned and spontaneous, Milton "Smokie" Nicholson rode up on a mule with another companion and tied off to the front porch of Corbin Cabin, early Sunday morning.

Smokie told tales of when he was a toddler and lived across the creek back before the Park came in and took everything from him and his family. Smokie said, well they did gives a quarter an acre and assisted folks to new property, but there is no place like the holler...

The team had several unexplainable events occur during the investigation and captured two events on audio and video. Adventuremyths Founder, Frank Polievka has completed the  DVD documentary of the investigation and its now available on with our other DVD documentaries.

DVD is Available on

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House
Waldorf, MD 4/24/09

The AdventureMyths team set out to unlock the secrets and legends of the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House.   Dr. Mudd’s house, located in Charles County, MD, is where John Wilkes Booth fled after assassinating  Abraham Lincoln.  Dr. Mudd treated Booth's broken leg and was later arrested for aiding him.  Before conducting their paranormal  investigation of the house, the AdventureMyths team listened to personal accounts of paranormal activity from the volunteer staff and board members.  Our team was able to capture some audio evidence during the investigation which is featured in the DVD documentary "Ghostly Encounters at the Mudd House."   The trailer for the documentary can be viewed here.   "Ghostly Encounters at the Mudd House" is available for purchase on Amazon.

On October 29, 2009 the AdventureMyths team returned to the Mudd House, joined by Holly Morris of Fox Channel 5 Morning News for a series of live broadcasts.  Holly Morris interviewed the AdventureMyths team about conducting investigations, the evidence collected at the Mudd House and the DVD documentary.  The segments with Holly Morris are available to view on the "Media" page of the AdventureMyths website. 

Sotterley Mansion
4-19-08 / 8-25-08 / 9-5-08
St. Marys County, MD

The entire AdventureMyths team gathered together on April 19th, 2008 to investigate Historic Sotterley mansion located in St. Mary's County MD. The investigation / film shoot started at approx. 3:00 PM at Sotterley where the team interviewed at least six members of the Sotterley staff and one board member. Each interview explained several personal accounts of paranormal activity they experienced while in the house or on the grounds.

The team investigated Sotterley on August 25th and September 5th, 2008 further documenting paranormal activity at the mansion. Carolyn Hoey who spent many days volunteering at Sotterley now works on the staff preserving and fighting to keep Sotterley operational through various charity events and fundraisers.

Carolyn has had extreme encounters with the ghostly occupants of Sotterley Mansion and shared those stories in detail with AdventureMyths.

The team ran the normal investigation with surveillance cameras and EVP sessions and is now working on a documentary for the Sotterley Foundation to use as a tool for fundraisers and preservation of a historical landmark. Look for the trailer to come out on You Tube by middle August of 2008 and the full film will be published and available on-line early in 2009. This year long project was by far the biggest ever taken on by AdventureMyths and the first of its kind in the Metropolitan area.

UPDATE 5-25-2010

The Sotterley DVD was published on-line at and is available for purchase.  Authorization for reproduction and distribution was given to Historic Sotterley, Inc. in August of 2009.  We hope that this documentary brings attention and much needed funding to help maintain a great piece of Maryland History.

The Town of Centralia, PA 

The Team traveled North up Highway 61 towards Centralia, PA early in the month of December, 2006. This would be the last adventure excursion for the year and what a way to finish than to investigate a underground mine fire that's been burning for over 45 years! Early afternoon, Saturday December 1st, 2007 the AdventureMyth team arrived in to set up shop at the closest hotel that was approved by our Logistics member. A short drive through the town of Ashland and we headed North to the ghost town known as Centralia. However this was not a ghost town full of spirits with unfinished business, this was a ghost town because the land beneath your feet lie scorched and barren. What resembled a fresh brush fire turned out to be normal in this town.A town once occupied by over two thousand people back in the early 1960's, now has less than 13 residents that include the Mayor and original Centralia residents.

The breeze carried the stench of sulfur and the ground was cracked and steaming from 98 degrees to hot spots up to 171 degrees. Centralia is surrounded by cemeteries and black painted hills and I now see how a director / producer could be inspired to create such a title as Silent Hill after spending just one day here myself. Several experiments and measurements were taken and will be discussed in the upcoming video on the AdventureMyths Video Page. The remarkable realization that was a sight to see was early Sunday morning on our departure back to Maryland we decided to stop by Centralia and take one last walk up highway 61. You see it snowed late Saturday night and the ground was covered in a blanket of white, well not everywhere, not in Centralia. It was amazing to see the ground so hot in certain locations that not only was there no snow, but it was dry and pumping steam at a steady pace. Not a warning sign in site anywhere! Did I mention that all the signs posted by the government had been removed / stolen?

It appears that over the years the Government posted signs warning the public that entering certain areas could result in injury and or death due to cave-ins and toxic fumes. Have vandals’ taken advantage of this town that seems forgotten by the rest of the world? I invite you to take a look at the documentary put together by AdventureMyths and review the history of this town at the following website

Should you plan a trip to Centralia?

  • Take a breathing barrier if you go near the cracks
  • Dress warmly in the winter (High Winds on the mountain
  • Talk to the locals they are rich in the town’s history
  • Stay out of the cemeteries after dark (No Trespassing)
  • Stay on the paved roads or hard packed gravel
  • Measure the crack as mentioned in the video and let us know!

Carnegie Hall
Lewisburg, WV

For our latest investigation, AdventureMyths returned to the charming town of Lewisburg, WV and had the honor of investigating the local legends of Carnegie Hall. The AdventureMyths team knew this investigation was a high honor since it was the first team to conduct a paranormal investigation at this historic location, which is one of only four Carnegie Halls. Many stories from employees surround this site spanning many years. The AdventureMyths team knew that unusual occurrences were going on at Carnegie Hall but that they were not occurring on a regular basis, making the probability of collecting any unusual evidence low. Despite the low odds, the team was able to collect something unusual not only on audio recording but on video as well!

As you will see in the official AdventureMyths video documentary something unusual happened during the investigation that bore a strong resemblance to what happened to the team when investigating the General Lewis Inn located just up the street from Carnegie Hall. The similarity leaves one to ask if the town of Lewisburg, WV has a “trademark” sign for locations that are possibly haunted. Once again, we invite you to view the video and form your own opinion on the legends of Carnegie Hall.

South Mountain
Boonsboro, MD

Before parts of the "Blair Witch" movie were filmed on this mountain, it was famous for a real local legend stemming from an overlooked civil war battle. TheBattle of South Mountain took place 145 years prior to the day. In this battle over 100 men died…some in a more horrific way than being shot. A lonely house near the battle field served as an impromptu hospital for wounded soldiers.

Unfortunately for some who were dying they were tossed into a nearby well with the bodies of those who already died. Now, according to local legend, the sounds of battle and those tossed in the well can be heard every year on the anniversary date of this battle.

As you will see in the official AdventureMyths video documentary of the investigation, it was a dark and stormy night but that would in no way prevent the team from having a good time. From unexpected visitors, guest investigators who are experts on the legend and even a team member becoming mysteriously ill during an intense EVP session it can all be seen in the video.

As always, we invite you to view the video and form your own opinion on the legend of the Battleof South Mountain.

General Lewis Inn
Lewisburg, WV

The investigation of the local legend of the General Lewis Inn (located in Lewisburg, West Virginia) being haunted was a night of many firsts. It was the first official investigation for AdventureMyths, the first paranormal investigation for a guest investigator and was being documented by a young journalist for her first article in a newspaper she just began working for. Without a doubt, the General Lewis Inn was not a disappointment for those present that night. With the Inn having a history that dates back to 1834 it is a place filled with history. AdventureMyths was also lucky to have the opportunity to interview a staff member of the Inn who was able to tell us a lot about the Inn’s history along with first hand accounts of some of the mysterious goings on at the Inn.

The group was also fortunate enough to have something unexplainable captured on audio recording that night. As you will see in the official AdventureMyths video documentary of the investigation that night, it is understandable why the General Lewis Inn is believed by so many to be haunted.